Does Axcentria sell vaping hardware, batteries and mods?

We do not produce or distribute the hardware used for the enjoyment of E-liquids. However, as your manufacturing partner, we are happy to share sourcing with hardware suppliers with whom we have relationships.

I’ve read a lot about metals, contaminants, formaldehyde and toxins in E-liquids. Do your E-liquids contain them?

Every ingredient we use is tested to USP standards (or applicable standards as required). Each one is evaluated by both the supplier and Axcentria’s lab to ensure its purity and quality. The presence of any of those substances in an ingredient would eliminate its use. Our bottles and caps are held to an equally high standard of cleanliness and materials content. However, Axcentria cannot control the choice of hardware and device used by the customer. Inferior grade hardware is often the source of these contaminants. 

Why is HPLC testing preferred to Titration for nicotine level testing?

The use of HPLC or High Pressure Liquid Chromatography is preferred to Titration analysis for e-liquids as they may have a significant amount of interfering substances (i.e. flavors) in their composition. The HPLC is a reliable method of analysis because it can affect rapid separation of components with high resolution and fast analysis time. 

Can nicotine levels be varied?

Absolutely. We will formulate to your desired level in any of our flavor offerings.

Can these be boxed, loaded into POP Displays and other options?

Axcentria works with a broad array of packaging manufacturers to achieve the image you want to most effectively engage your customer. We have a variety of packaging options, from standard to customized.

What types of packaging can you provide?

Bulk, bottles or cartridges: Axcentria is able to fill most standard bottles and bottle sizes and 1-3ml cartridges (clearomizers and cartomizers).

Will Axcentria develop flavors for my company?

Our Tech Services department will be happy to work with you to develop flavors that suit your needs. Put our imagination and expertise to work for you.

Does Axcentria have a library of flavors?

We’re writing the book on flavors! We have a large portfolio of flavor creations ranging from standard classics to the more complex and esoteric. 

What are the best selling flavors?

Not easy to say. The sales level of particular flavors changes, depending on the customer/distributor, marketing strategy, target demographic, sales region and the ever-evolving trends in consumer taste.


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